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If you are a serious sand collector or simply want to learn more about sand then this is the jumping off page to a variety of cool sites related to sand, sand samples and sand collecting.  Bookmark this page or put a link to it on your site.  If you have a sand related link that you think would fit in well here then email it to us!
Sand samples and info Learn about sand grain size and see a variety of samples (this is our contribution).
Loes Modderman Microscopic ScienceArt If you enjoyed looking at our microscopic samples then you will love this site. Visit the galleries under "my sandbank"
Virtual Sand Collection Even more images!
What is sand? This page will give you some more technical information on how sand is classified and some interesting facts about sand.
Classroom Activity, grades 4-6 Teachers!  Here is a sample lesson on identifying and classifying sand and the beach it is found on.
More teacher info A scientist explains what sand is made from and how it gets to the beach.  Nice simple explanation

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