Artistic Microscopic Images: Large Insects

All images in this section are © Professor Winston Ingram. These images of large insects were captured with a Nikon D5000. Click on each image to view the larger, full-screen image.

Mantis head microscope image

beetle microscope image

beetle microscope claw image cockroach image
Back of praying mantis head.
Beetle mouth parts.
Beetle claws.
Cockroach mouth.
fly microscope image
fly microscope image
Silkworm under microscope image
Honeybee mouth image.
Silkworm head.
Honeybee mouth parts.
honeybee microscope image
Housefly Image
Striped beetle image
Ladybird beetle image
Honey Bee.
House fly.
Striped beetle.
Ladybird beetle.
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