Microscopic Images:
Mosquitos, Fleas & Ticks

All images in this section are © Professor Winston Ingram. These images of mosquitoes, fleas and ticks were captured with a Nikon D5000. Click on each image to view a larger, full-screen image.

Cat flea microscope image

Flea head image

Tick image microscope Female mosquito egg image
Ctenocephalides (cat flea).
Ctenocephalides head (cat flea).
Wet mount tick.
Female mosquito eggs.
Female mosquito microscope image
mosquito brain eyes image
mosquito microscope image
mosquito eye microscope image
Female mosquito.
Mosquito brain and eyes.
Mosquito head and body.
Mosquito eye.
mosquito head eye image
mosquito mouth image
mosquito tail image
Mosquito head and eye.
Mosquito mouth.
Mosquito tail end.
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