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This page lists links to sites containing microscope information which may help you to further your knowledge on the subject. If you have a site that you feel is worthy of inclusion here, please email us with the URL.  Listings posted are at the sole discretion of the editors.
***** Museum of Microscopy - Florida State University - This site contains a museum of classical microscopes, an extensive gallery of images, and a variety of interactive tutorials on microscopy and optics.  Excellent Resource!
The Microscopy Society of America, and their information source, Project MICRO, is especially useful to educators.  This is an excellent resource for information, reference books, video tapes and microscope related web sites.  One of our favorite links from their site is the Explorations (visit this link, you will enjoy it!)
Pacific Biosciences Research Center, see some interesting electron microscope images of common everyday objects.
Ron Neumeyer's Resources:  A page packed with informative links.
Fun Science Gallery  Build your own microscope, learn about blood or find more great resources here.
Micscape Magazine - An online resource of microscope articles.  Located in the UK
Univ. of Illinois - Urbana:  Provides a comprehensive page of links to other microscope resources
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